Parking at Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol

The airport has a huge parking area which is divided into several lots depending on whether the parking is Short- or Long-Term.

The Short-Term Terminal Parking is a covered parking area eminent for the stay during the weekends or up to 48 hours. It is located at the P1 and P2 parking areas and is just 3 minutes away from the terminal. The daily rate is 37.50 euros, while the fee for every 10 minutes reaches 1 euro.

The Long-Term Parking has covered so as uncovered parking spaces. It is a good option for  2 or more days stay. It is located at the P3 parking area and is connected to the terminal by shuttle buses that run every 10 minutes 24 hours a day. The price per 1-3 days parking is 65 euros for uncovered and 75 euros for covered parking space. After 3 days the price per every additional day is 7.50 euros for both covered and uncovered parking spaces.

Basic Parking is the best option for more than 3 days stay. However, the car shall be parked for minimum 5 days. It is located at the P4 parking area right next to Departures Area. It is connected with the terminal by shuttle buses that will take the passenger to the airport in maximum 5 minutes.  It is a secured parking area that provides the staff which will take care of a vehicle left there. The fee varies depending on the time the vehicle is left at the parking area, season, and availability, however, if the car is left for more than indicated, an additional fee of 10 euros will be added.  

Valet Parking is suitable for 3 or more days parking. That parking area is uncovered and is located just 2 minutes away from the Terminal, P6 parking area. The parking attendants may park the car for you and ensure that the car will be safe. The fee per day is 47.50 euros, while 2- 3 days stay will cost approximately 7.50 per hour, the overall cost may reach 47.50 euros maximum. 

Excellence Parking is covered parking area and is suitable for dropping off the car while business or other long-term trips. The car will be driven to the parking area by the professional staff and will be kept in safety for any period needed. It is the closest parking to the terminal located between the Departure Halls 2 and 3  and offering XXL size parking space (3 meters wide each). The fee per 12 minutes is 2.50 euros, per day the fee reaches maximum  43.50 euros and 33.50 euros per day after 4 days stay.

For up to 15 minutes the one may park the car at the Short-Stop Parking area, first 15 minutes here are free of charge. And for just a quick stop it is better to park the car and ‘Kiss and Ride’ Parking area.

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